ICT Solutions

Integrated solutions in the field of cloud services to suit the needs of the customer according to the latest technologies taking into consideration the security and integrity of data and information, e.g. (Microsoft 365, Google Cloud, AWS, etc.).

Design and implement all information networks (wired, wireless, fiber optics, etc.). Utilizing best products from major global vendors, following industry best practices and highest quality standards in network design, for example (CORE layer, DISTRIBUTION layer, and ACCESS access).

Design and implementation of server rooms with integrated processing in all structural aspects (electricity, air conditioning, data, and hardware).

Supply, installation, and preparation of servers and network devices of all kinds from major global vendors (DELL, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Cisco, etc.).

Design, implementation, and maintenance of telephone networks (IP, Analog), internet lines and programming of all types of PBXs, e.g. (Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, etc.).

Design and implementation of conference rooms and meeting rooms with end to end audios, visuals, data network, and meeting devices such as Logitech GROUP, Cisco WebEx, Teams, Polycom.

Modernization and upgrade of server rooms with the highest specifications and according to the requirements and working environment by providing appropriate solutions for any problem e.g. (water leakage, heat, power, environmental monitoring and control, etc.).

Preventive and periodic maintenance services.

Data storage and recovery services.

Network inspection and pen testing in addition to IT audit services.

Antivirus and information security solutions.s.